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Incidence of Georgia Domestic Violence Fatalities Rank 10th in the Nation

Domestic violence is a serious rapidly growing problem throughout our society. In the United States, domestic violence claims the life of three women every day and every nine-seconds a woman falls victim to some form of domestic violence. The Georgia Commission of Family Violence (GCFV) ranks the State of Georgia 10th in the nation for the rate of fatalities of women. The GCFV report is even more disturbing in that in 43% of fatal domestic violence cases children were witness to this violent act. The domestic violence report indicates that in 75% of the fatalities in 2010, a firearm was the murder weapon.

The problem of domestic violence is everyone’s problem and it has taken a stronghold in our state of Georgia– With more than 23,000 orders of protection and stalking orders issued each year, domestic violence is on the rise. Children become the victim as well when they witness abusive behaviors. The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCADV) track long term statistics that indicate children who grow up as a witness to domestic violence may grow up to be an abuser in their relationships, and men in particular, are 2-times as likely to exhibit domestic violence as an adult.

End the Fear – Stop Living with Atlanta Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviors or coercive control that the abuser will use to gain control and power over another person. The abuser can be either a man or a woman; however a woman is most often the victim in these cases. In same-sex relationships the reported rate of domestic violence is similar to that of a woman in a heterosexual relationship. Domestic violence tops the list of leading causes of injury to women, occurring more often than rape, car accidents and muggings.

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Georgia Domestic Violence Comes in Many Forms

When the term domestic violence is heard, most people, including the victims, believe that it speaks of physical violence where you receive personal injuries; the injuries may be hidden from public view, but they are real and they do exist. However there are numerous other forms of Georgia domestic violence and each one brings its own fear, pain, and often self-proclaimed embarrassment to the victim.

Physical domestic violence is the one form of violence that most people think of when they hear the term domestic violence. The abuser may hit, punch, burn, cut, bite, pinch, spank, poke, or any other type of physical harm or personal injury. Physical domestic violence also includes forcing the victim to take drugs. In addition the abuser may hurt or torture the victim’s pet, threatening to kill or give away the pet. The abuser may also hide or take away needed medication, glasses, a leg brace or other items that may make them a prisoner in their own home. You need a lawyer who has proven their competence through the court system helping victims break the chains of domestic violence – make the call to Lisa Wells, yourAtlanta domestic violence attorney.

Emotional domestic violence or abuse is where the abuser will call their partner hurtful names, put them down, and blame them for anything real or imagined that went wrong. The victim is often humiliated in front of others. The emotional domestic violence abuser keeps their partner isolated and the victim constantly worries about what might happen if they make their tormentor angry.

Psychological domestic violence or abuse is often a long slow process that develops over time, often over years, where the victim generally feels confused and unsure as to how they feel, and often believe the lies and miss-truths that they hear over and over about themselves. Over time the victim believes that they are second-rate and are un-deserving of anything positive about themselves.

Sexual domestic violence generally means that the abuser enjoys causing hurt and pain during sex, or they like to force their partner to perform sexual acts against their will, and out of fear of angering their abuser. This type of domestic violence also includes the behavior where the abuser may force their partner to have sex for money or to knowingly infect them with HIV/AIDS or other STD.

Economic domestic violence abuse involves controlling behavior where the victim is not allowed to handle any of the money, go to work or school. If the victim is allowed to work, their freedom is severely curtailed where they have to account for every moment of their day and where the abuser may call or check on them during working hours to make sure they are where they are supposed to be. Every year in theUnited States over 8-million dollars of paid time are lost due to domestic violence.

Atlanta Domestic Violence Attorney Lisa Wells

Domestic violence is a growing problem in our society and sometimes the charges are false. Retaining an Atlanta domestic violence attorney like Lisa Wells will team you up with an experienced, proven and knowledgeable lawyer that will take the necessary legal actions required make the best case for your situation.

Domestic Violence Month Highlight Georgia’s Sky-Rocketing Numbers

October 2013 is Domestic Violence Month throughout the country. Domestic violence continues to rise in the number of victims that report their injuries. In comparison with other states in the nation, Georgia ranks 10th in numbers of reported domestic violence. There are almost 25,000 orders of protection issued every year in Georgia and estimated numbers of the hidden victims of domestic violence are in the hundreds of thousands.

Atlanta Domestic Violence Leading Cause of Physical Injury to Women

Domestic violence is described as a pattern of abusive behaviors or control that is used along with negative manipulation to gain power and control over another person. Domestic violence may have many forms but the leading cause of physical violence and physical injury against women is domestic violence. There are more incidents of domestic violence than all the rapes, muggings and injuries from motor vehicle accidents combined.

Domestic Violence Happens to Both Men and Women

While domestic violence does not discriminate between male or female, or sexual orientation, the statistical data indicates that domestic violence can happen to anyone. In same sex marriages or unions the rate of domestic violence is comparable to the rate of abused women in a heterosexual relationship. In homes where children are present, reports show that in 43% of fatal domestic violence, the children were present to witness the violence.

Georgia Domestic Violence Fatality Review Report

CBS News Atlanta reports the Georgia Commission on Family Violence and the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence combined their efforts to issue Georgia’s 2012 Domestic Violence Fatality Review Report. The main findings from 2012 include:

  • Firearms are the leading cause of domestic violence death in 2012, with 75% of Georgia domestic violence fatalities the result of a firearm
  • 77% of victims were in contact with law enforcement in the 5-year period before their homicide
  • 75% of victims were employed outside of the home at the time of their homicide. Education and training of employers and co-workers on recognizing symptoms of domestic violence have the potential to improve victim safety
  • 46% of victims began their relationship with the abuser who eventually killed them when they were between 16 and 24 years of age
  • Most victims of domestic violence do not know that there are resource groups and safe houses are available to help them 24 hours a day.

Georgia Domestic Violence Comes in Many Forms

While most people think of physical injury when hearing of domestic violence, many forms do not leave a bruise, a black eye or a broken bone. So many victims unfortunately have their pain and suffering go unnoticed until the day you read their obituary in the paper. Some of the main forms of domestic violence include:

  • Physical Violence – this includes hitting, punching, pinching, cutting, burning or spanking that causes injury and harm. Physical abuse also includes torture of the victim’s pet, breaking a victim’s glasses or even destroying someone’s wheelchair. Domestic violence can begin early in a relationship and continue on for 10, 20, even 50+ years.
  • Sexual Domestic Violence – this type of abuse typically occurs when the abuser causes pain or injury during sex, forces their victim to perform sexual acts against their will, forces their partner to pose for pornography, or have unprotected sex with their victim when they knowingly have HIV/AIDS or any STD.
  • Psychological Domestic Violence – this type of abuse may take years to decades to fully develop, however victims are often humiliated in public, blamed for anything that goes wrong, and live a life of worry, fear and anxiety.
  • Economic Domestic Abuse – This form of abuse may not be easily noticed, but includes the victim having to be accountable for every minute of the day, not being allowed to go out of the house, or not being able to manage any of the household income. While many may feel this type of domestic violence is not very prevalent in theU.S., the data says otherwise with over 8-million dollars of paid time lost every year because of economic domestic abuse.

Atlanta Domestic Violence Lawyer

Your Atlanta domestic violence attorney, Lisa Wells, can help you if you’ve been falsely accused of domestic violence. Make the first phone call to Lisa for a strong defense against criminal charges.