Atlanta Criminal Law Attorney

If you have been accused of a crime, arrested or even investigated, contact an attorney right away. Criminal defense attorney Lisa Wells will help protect your rights, explain the consequences of the charges and defend you to protect your freedom and future. Lisa Wells is a former felony prosecutor and an experienced criminal defense lawyer serving the Atlanta metro area. These areas include Marietta, Canton, Decatur, Lawrenceville, Cumming and other surrounding areas. Lisa represents those who have been accused of crimes ranging from traffic violations, DUI’s, misdemeanors and major felonies.

Criminal defense lawyer Lisa Wells’ experience and training as a former prosecutor enables her to know the justice system from the inside. Lisa understands what it takes to defend your case successfully. Attorney Lisa Wells meets with each client one on one. If she takes your case she will personally represent you from start to finish, zealously advocating for your rights. Lisa can limit the impact of the charges you are facing and in some cases, may get your case dismissed.

Time is often of the essence in retaining a lawyer. For example, with a DUI arrest, you have only ten days to request a hearing to avoid losing your license for a year.

If you are under investigation or have been reported to the police, consult an attorney before talking to law enforcement. In drug cases, domestic violence cases, theft cases and assault cases, the police may want to get “your side of the story”. You could unknowingly weaken your case and may forfeit valuable constitutional rights if you do not first consult an attorney.

Guilty pleas come with serious consequences. Even a plea to a simple marijuana charge (less than 1 oz.), can result in the loss of your license with consequences that is more severe than a fine and court costs. You could lose your job, your driving privileges, pay fines with hefty court costs, be required to perform community service, submit to drug and alcohol screens and be required to take probation with monthly reporting and probation fees and to make matters worse, you will have a record for the rest of your life. Many marijuana and drug charges can be reduced or negotiated. An excellent criminal defense attorney may get the evidence suppressed and ultimately dismissed if the search and seizure was unlawfully obtained.

Did you know that there are options to prevent you from having a criminal record? As a former prosecutor, Lisa understands the prosecutor’s approach and knows how to counter the charges. Lisa will explain programs to you such as Pre-Trial Diversion, Conditional Discharge or First Offender programs to preserve your record and protect your future.

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