Thieves Guaranteed Due Process in U.S. Constitution

In what may have been an attempt to profit from the upcoming Super Bowl game and the parties associated with it, two men were arrested recently for stealing $65,000 worth of frozen chicken wings from their cold storage employer using a forklift and a rental truck, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The men may have been motivated by recent media coverage indicating a possible chicken wing shortage, such as the story on ABC News. It seems funny, but in Georgia this is a felony offense because what was taken was worth more than $5,000 according to the 2012 legislative session regarding Georgia Theft Statutes. The reporter indicated that the whereabouts of the chicken wings was unknown, so apparently the thieves were not caught quickly enough to immediately return the frozen wings to the employer’s cold storage facility.

Sometimes good people do bad things. Not every thief is an awful person. Sometimes people are coerced to commit a crime by threats of bodily harm to themselves or a loved one, or blackmailed some other way. Occasionally people will take something they believe belongs to them and sometimes people are wrongly accused of theft. In the United States our constitution gives us the right to due process of law. Defense attorneys are trained to be an advocate for the accused person. The attorney will ask the defendant very specific questions and seek necessary evidence to disprove all or portions of the charges. By telling the complete truth to the defense attorney, the accused has a much better chance of finding favor with a jury and a judge during criminal proceedings, which can result in a not guilty verdict or a lesser charge.

If you are facing criminal theft charges you will be questioned by police, a prosecution attorney, and a judge. It is in your best interest not to speak to anyone but your attorney about the details of your arrest. You need someone who will be on your side to help tell your account of what really happened. Schedule a free consultation with Atlanta theft attorney Lisa Wells if you’re facing a criminal charge. She has the training and experience to provide you with excellent representation.