Traffic Offenses

Just about everyone gets a ticket at some time or another for some kind of traffic infraction. It’s an easy mistake to make. Lots of people will simply pay the fine and go on their way, thinking that it’s not worth the hassle to contest the ticket. But that is an even bigger mistake. Traffic tickets can do a lot more than ruin your day. They can drive up your insurance rates, costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the long run. They can even cost you your driver’s license. Lisa Wells knows that tickets are not too small to fight. When you hire Lisa Wells to contest a traffic offense, you’re are protecting yourself from the possibility of future increases in the cost of driving and are also asserting your Constitutional rights.

Criminal defense lawyer Lisa Wells’ former experience and training as a prosecutor enables her to know the justice system from the inside. Lisa understands what it takes to defend your case successfully. Attorney Lisa Wells can limit the impact of the charges you are facing and in some cases, may get your case dismissed.

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