Juvenile Offenses

If your child has been charged with a juvenile crime it is crucial that you consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Atlanta criminal defense lawyer, Lisa Wells, was formerly a prosecutor in juvenile court, is familiar with the different procedures in juvenile court and understands both sides of the court process. This inside knowledge has significant importance and can benefit the defense of your child’s case. She will meet with both you and your child to review the case, address your questions and concerns, and discuss the best options for your child.

The juvenile criminal law system differs significantly from the adult system. As a parent, it is essential to hire an attorney who understands the difference. Experienced in Juvenile Court and knowledgeable in the rights of children, Lisa Wells will work to protect your child and to overcome his or her criminal allegations so they may have a better future.

Among the most common offenses committed by minors are the following:
• Underage Drinking and/or DUI
• Drug Possession and/or Distribution
• Using a Fake ID
• Shoplifting
• Criminal Trespass
• Disorderly Conduct
• Assault
• Battery
• Vandalism
• Truancy
• Curfew Violations
• Gang Activity

Lisa Wells will navigate your child’s case through the legal process researching all of its legal components in an effort to achieve alternative sentencing to potential jail time or detention. Lisa advocates for counseling, treatment and community service rather than punishment and a record to help your child get back on track for long-term success. Lisa works diligently toward a program that best fits your child’s needs.

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