Drug Charges

If you have been charged with any drug crime, it is critical that you contact a lawyer who will aggressively protect and defend your legal rights and freedom. Whether you have been arrested for manufacturing, possession, selling, trafficking or possession with intent, the penalties you face are serious. Lisa Wells’ will protect your legal rights and fight to have the charges against you dismissed or reduced. As a former felony prosecutor, Lisa Wells understands the seriousness of all drug crimes in Georgia and the penalties that may be enforced. She understands the prosecutor’s approach and zealously works to protect your record and freedom.

Sometimes the police act illegally, operate without warrants, commit entrapment, perform illegal surveillance and disregard your constitutional rights. If an illegal search and seizure was committed, Lisa Wells looks at every option to get the evidence suppressed and the case dismissed.

Guilty pleas come with serious consequences. Never plead guilty without consulting an attorney. Even a plea to a simple marijuana charge (less than 1 oz.), can result in the loss of your license for an entire year which will cost you more than a simple fine and court costs. Take this charge seriously. A record can cost you job opportunities, driving privileges,fines and hefty court costs, and time performing community service. You may have to submit to random drug and alcohol screens, report monthly to probation and pay probation fees. To make matters worse, you will have a record for the rest of your life. The price you will pay is typically far greater than the cost of an attorney. Many marijuana and drug charges can be reduced or negotiated. Lisa Wells is an excellent criminal defense attorney. She will try to get the evidence suppressed and ultimately dismissed if the search and seizure was unlawfully obtained.

There are options to prevent you from having a criminal record and Lisa will explain programs to you such as Pre-Trial Diversions, Conditional Discharges or First Offenders programs to preserve your record and protect your future.

Lisa Wells will fight aggressively to have any drug charge reduced or dismissed. You can trust her to spend the time and effort necessary to defend your rights because protecting your freedom is what she does.

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