Crimes Against Person(s)

Crimes against persons include the charges of Murder, Assault, Battery, Kidnapping, False Imprisonment, Reckless Conduct, Cruelty to Children, Feticide, Stalking, and crimes against the elderly. If you have been accused of a crime or believe you are about to be accused, contact an attorney immediately. These charges are serious and you could be facing jail/prison time. Atlanta criminal law attorney Lisa Wells will fight for you. Whether you have been accused of a felony or a misdemeanor, we strongly urge you to refrain from giving information to anyone who is trying to investigate you. Even if you have been falsely accused, is the State’s job to make a case against you. An excellent criminal defense lawyer would advise you to refrain from discussing the details of your alleged crime with anyone except a lawyer.

Do not relinquish your rights by pleading guilty before seeking legal counsel. Harsh penalties and a lifelong record can cause life-altering hardships. Attorney Lisa Wells will expertly guide you through the initial arrest, arraignment, bond and preliminary hearing, negotiated plea or trial. Atlanta criminal defense lawyer, Lisa Wells, will advise you about the best possible course of action for your particular situation. Whether you are being investigated, under indictment, about to be charged or already charged, attorney Lisa Wells has the knowledge and resources to protect your interests and rights. She leaves no stone unturned, checking and double-checking the validity of each charge.

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