Obtaining a Limited Driving Permit Following a Georgia Driver’s License Suspension

The State of Georgia takes a hard stand on those driver’s that violate traffic laws and endanger the lives of others by driving under the influence or driving without regard to the safety of others. Georgia’s Department of Driver Services can and will suspend your driving privilege for a variety of both traffic offenses and driving infractions. Georgia driver license suspension becomes mandatory if you used your vehicle to commit a felony, killed another person with your vehicle, were involved in a hit or run, or were driving without insurance to name just a few examples.

Georgia Driver’s License Suspension

Mandatory Georgia driver’s license suspension is a serious legal matter. Having your license suspended by the court means that you are not permitted to drive. If you are discovered to be driving after your license is suspended you can face imprisonment for up to five years or the length of your Georgia driver’s license suspension significantly increased. Experienced legal counsel can direct you through the process of obtaining a limited driving permit following your license suspension. While a limited driving permit allows you to drive, there are strict limitations that must be followed or you will face convictions for your violations of the conditions of the permit. Georgia traffic rules and regulations are often complex and having a seasoned attorney on your side is crucial for your court case.

Violations and Convictions That Result in License Suspension

Mandatory Georgia driver’s license suspension is the result of being convicted of numerous serious driving infractions and offenses. The Georgia Department of Driver Services dictates that any of the following will result in a mandatory Georgia driver’s license suspension with conviction:

  • Homicide caused through the use of your vehicle
  • Any felony committed where a vehicle was used in the crime
  • Fleeing or trying to elude an officer while driving a vehicle
  • Fraudulent application for, or the fictitious use of a Georgia’s driver’s license
  • Driver of a hit-and-run accident, or leaving the scene of an accident
  • Racing your vehicle either alone or with other drivers
  • Driving a vehicle while you have a revoked, canceled or suspended registration
  • Conviction for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failure to appear in court or respond to a traffic citation
  • Any violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act
  • Driving without being properly insured to at least minimum standards
  • Accumulation of 15 points within a 2-year period, both in and outside ofGeorgia
  • And numerous other traffic infractions and offenses that can result in Atlanta driver’s license suspension

Atlanta Limited Driving Permit

Retaining legal guidance from an experienced Atlanta driver’s license suspension attorney is critical in the possible reduction of charges or dismissal of the conviction. There are many situations where a limited driving permit can be obtained following a Georgia driver’s license suspension. A limited driving permit in the State of Georgia does allow you to drive a motor vehicle, however the permit will only allow you to:

  • Drive back and forth from your place of employment or to perform the daily normal duties of your occupation
  • Drive to scheduled medical appointments or to the pharmacy to pick up prescribed medications
  • Drive back and forth to registered classes at college where you are enrolled as a student
  • Drive back and forth to support group meetings for drug or alcohol abuse
  • Drive back and forth to a driver education program, or to a drug/alcohol treatment program

An experienced Atlanta driver’s license suspension attorney knowledgeable in Georgia traffic rules and regulations will work for you to receive court approval on your limited driving permit that has been customized for you. Limited driving permits need to be strictly adhered to in-so-far as to specific places you may drive to, specific routes of travel, the times you may drive, and other details that will allow you to continue on with your school and/or work schedule. A limited driving permit can be made to also work around your personal and medical needs. The Atlanta driver’s license suspension lawyer Lisa Wells is a formidable partner to have in hammering out the details of your case before the judge and court. Call for a free confidential consultation today and get your life back on track so you can move ahead with future plans.