Conviction of a Georgia Burglary Carries Severe Penalties

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia burglary statistics for 2011 show that there were 94,044 burglaries reported, with Georgia burglary accounting for 24.30% of reported crimes. There is a Georgia burglary rate of 958.1 per every 100,000 residents. In the State of Georgia, burglary is the act of entering or remaining in any type of structure, building or vehicle without permission and with the intent of committing a felony.

Georgia Burglary Sentences

Burglary is a crime taken very seriously in Georgia and the severity of the penalty with conviction depends on whether you are charged with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree burglary. Even if the act of burglary is not completed and you are charged with criminal attempt, the penalty is based on the originally intended crime. Penalties for Atlanta burglary can range from a fine to probation, to a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 20 years in prison. For a 1st Georgia burglary conviction the judge may sentence you from 1-20 years, for a 2nd conviction you face 2-20 years, and for a 3rd conviction the penalty is 5-20 years – Georgia law requires the minimum jail term be served if convicted.

Types of Atlanta Burglary Convictions

  • First Degree Burglary: This term describes the crime as unlawfully entering a private home, structure, boat, vehicle, etc., where the person intends to commit a crime against the property or the person/people in the property. First degree Atlanta burglary is a Class A felony and carries more severe punishments.
  • Second Degree Burglary: This type of burglary involves entering and theft from a business or commercial property. While theft can be petty theft or grand larceny, the conviction of burglary deals specifically with the act of unlawful entry with the intent to commit a crime.
  • Third Degree Burglary: This term includes entering a home, a business, a private or commercial structure with the intent to steal or to commit other felonies. The issue of intent may be a defense strategy used by your Atlanta burglary attorney in that you may have had a legal purpose for being present on the property or that you did not have initial intent when you entered the building.

Very often the difference between being charged with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree Atlanta burglary depends on if anyone was in the home or business, the presence or use of a weapon, and the type of tools used to gain access to the building, as well as the type of establishment (i.e., bank or financial institution, pharmacy with the intent to steal narcotics). If you have been arrested for an Atlanta burglary you need immediate expert criminal representation to protect your rights and to begin the stages of defense – call your Atlanta Georgia burglary attorney Lisa Wells for the legal defense strategies that you need.

Atlanta Burglary Attorney

Retaining a qualified experienced Georgia burglary attorney is of the utmost importance. You need a criminal defense lawyer who understands the Georgia legal system, State of Georgia Court proceedings and how to develop the best defense strategy for your case. You may be able to negotiate a plea agreement, be able to reduce the degree and type of crime charged against you, have evidence ruled inadmissible, or successfully present your defense to the Court where charges are dismissed or significantly reduced.

The Atlanta burglary criminal defense attorney to call is Lisa Wells – every case is different, and each defense strategy needs to be customized to the specific situation and extenuating circumstances. If you are facing Georgia burglary charges, call today to set up an initial consultation visit. Your life and your future hang in the balance – your choice of a criminal defense attorney can have life-altering consequences and hardships for both you and your family – Make the call!