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Georgia Minors Involved in Sexting Face Sex Crime Charges

Two Georgia Middle School Students Face Sex Crimes Charges After Sexting

Two Georgia middle school students were charged over the weekend with sexting (electronic manufacture, possession, or distribution of sexually explicit materials), even though they are underage themselves.

Parents are often shocked to learn that if their child sends or receives sexually explicit messages or photos of nude or partially nude people to anyone under age eighteen or involves a minor child in any way, he or she could face prosecution of felony charges.

Parents are advised to monitor their children’s electronic activities closely to help their children avoid getting involved inadvertently. Minor children don’t always think of long term consequences and a boy who is sent a picture of a nude girl who is also a minor and then passes it on for his buddies to see could very well find himself facing serious charges.

Don’t wait until something bad happens. Advise your child now that resending inappropriate images or words puts them in an at-fault position. If they receive sexually explicit material, they should NOT delete the material. Parents should contact law enforcement instead. Doing so helps prove that your child was not a party to underage sexting.

Conviction of a sex crime may lead to serious punishment, including imprisonment that ranges from five to twenty years and requirement to register as a convicted sex offender, which may prevent certain college admissions or job opportunities.

Contact an Experienced Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer to Discuss Ways to Reduce or Dismiss Sexting Charges in Georgia

There are, however, circumstances that may affect charges and/or sentencing. The ages of sender and receiver, the type of material sent, and how much was sent will be considered. When a student is caught sexting, the behavior is oftentimes handled in-house by the school or parents. But when the police become involved, it is important that Georgia parents and their children consult a skilled metro Atlanta criminal defense lawyer to review the facts of the case and discuss options.

Many sexting charges that involve minors can be reduced or dropped altogether, depending on the particular circumstances of the case, especially when they involve first time offenders. Opting for your best plea may have a great affect on future schooling or employment. Juvenile adjudication, for instance, allows for public records exemption under Ga. Code Ann.§ 42-1-12(a)(9)(C) (2011) and Ga. Code Ann.§ 42-1-12(a)(10)(B) (2011). Cobb County parents should contact an Atlanta defense lawyer with previous experience in defending young people from over-zealous prosecution of sex crimes when all their minor child is guilty of is immature judgment.